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 Create an entity that allows the ability to share my passion of music to the world. Most importantly give women an opportunity and platform to showcase their strengths and talents without any judgement. Creating a movement that “Women Is Vybz, Will & Can’t Be Stop!!!”


Our mission is to create opportunities for women and provide superb multimedia services for all.  We will be a space for women of the entertainment and arts industry to have a safe place to grow and prosper as a collective. Also, providing resources to women to become multimedia experts, a network, and starting to create innovative practices in the entertainment and arts industry.

The Issa Vybz Entertainment derives of:

  1. Provide women of Minority and Caribbean descent a platform to showcase their talents within the music and arts industry.

  2. Women are unable to completely strive because of gender roles and the rules of society  they say we need to follow. Issa Vybz Entertainment is here to break all of society bullshit and statistics.

  3. Women World Wide (W.W.W.) is a series of events that will be a platform for women to showcase their artistic talent. An all women line up to support women causes. Partial procedures are given to that particular women cause at the time